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Following the game all the Toronto media wanted to talk about was Rasheed Wallace’s left handed three in the second half. Why is it the Toronto always gets their panties in a knot over grown men joking around? Last month it was the Gerald Green dunk and tonight it was a Wallace three point attempt. Who cares if the guys shot it with his left hand, we got the win? Let it go boys.

Following the game reporters asked Sam Mitchell about this shot and Mitchell laughed about this question. Below is a transcript of that part of the press conference.

Sam: If he wants to shoot left hand three’s when he plays us…

Reporter: Do you think his coach is thrilled with that.

Sam Mitchell: I don’t know since I’m not Flip. I have no idea. But you guys have a chance to go over there and ask them. I don’t think you guys are going to ask Rasheed though. Can I come with you when you ask him?

Reporter: I’ll ask him!

Sam: Okay, let’s go…

The Raptors post game crew had a field day with this shot on the Raptors post game show.

Paul Johnson: Sam will be looking forward to seeing that tape!

Sherman Hamilton: You ask him! You go in there and ask him! He’s only seven feet….

Johnson: It’s not like he ever had a technical foul or anything…

Hamilton: Like he can hit you from another room with that kind of reach!

Johnson: It was kind of interesting that left-handed three.

Hamilton: Disrespect!

Johnson: That’s exactly what it was. You can have your own version of what it is, but there are certain things in the sanctity of professional sposrt that goes over the line a little bit.

Hamilton: Whoa, you are going deep here.

Johnson: I’m just saying that we’ve all played sports, and there are certain things in sports and when that sort of thing happens in games it really does effect the outcome.

Boys, let it go.

Wallace was just goofing around in limited minutes and was trying to have some fun.


Sat 04/15/06, 8:19 am EST

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