All is quiet among the Toronto news media as the Raptors play golf and the NBA Playoffs continue. But yours truly has been diligently digging and have found the following news nuggets for your reading pleasure:

Raptors To Work Out Tang Zhengdong on April 27

Here’s his profile on DraftExpress. Of note are the fact that he’s a center, a former MVP in the Chinese Basketball Association, and that there are conflicting reports on his (lack of) athleticism and skill. He’s currently expected to be undrafted, but these draft sites are heavily influenced by North American talent, only seeing some overseas players through video, so I wouldn’t be overly pessimistic about Tang’s NBA future. It’s possible though, that he doesn’t get the okay from state basketball administrators.

I admit, I like the idea of getting a Chinese player for multicultural T.O., as long as he isn’t the second coming of Mengke Bateer, as Luis Fernandez implied. Too bad Yi Jianlian isn’t ready yet.

Jose In Spain

“Falls mainly in the plain.” Semi-interesting presser, mostly on his past year in the NBA. As a big fan of Calderon’s play, I hope he gets plenty of minutes with the Spanish national team and practices his jump shot till his arm falls off.

He says, “I want to go a day at a time.” Nice to know that “Team-sport-ese” is an international language.

CV31 Threw First Pitch At Jays/Sox Game

I hope this is as close as Charlie Villanueva gets to a contract-voiding activity. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Mike James.

Steve Stavro Passed Away

He was the man who brought the Raptors, Maple Leafs and the Air Canada Centre together, arguably saving Toronto NBA basketball in the process. Rest in peace, Mr. Stavro.


Thu 04/27/06, 6:58 am EST




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