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  • Alabama’s head coach Mark Gottfried decided to copy Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl’s poor fashion sense by wearing a sport jacket that matches his school’s colours. Does this mean that Gottfried’s also going to try to sweat through his jacket?
  • What’s with Jared Dudley being the only Eagle to not shave off his hair? I understand his hesitancy to shave off his braids but when your team decides to do something like shave your hair off you gotta’ take part in that.
  • The Florida-South Alabama game was briefly stopped after a dunk by Corey Brewer lowered the net.
  • Why have top ranked teams been unable to put the dagger through the hearts of underdog teams? Tennessee, Boston College and Gonzaga were unable to put away teams early in games and it almost cost them their chance to advance. You were almost able to add Florida to this list but they found their swagger in the locker room during the half and 45-25 in the second half to ease into the second round of the Tournament.
  • Heading into the half LSU had as many turnovers (9) as they did field goals (9). Ouch!
  • Matt Bonner has a long lost twin playing for South Alabama! Leandro Bubultz from South Alabama could pass as Bonner’s brother except for that fact that he doesn’t run like he just drank 24 Molson Canadians.
  • Gerry “Mr. Clutch” McNamara was held scoreless in the first half against Texas A&M and finished the game with just two points. The CBS announcers were talking about McNamara being injured but there’s been no reports from Syracuse to back this up.
  • I’ve heard about Adam Morrison shooting himself up with insulin during games and tonight was the first time I’ve seen him do it during a game. In the first half he was lingering on defense and during the next timeout he injected himself with insulin on the sidelines.
  • Craig Smith grimaced in pain after grabbing a board five minutes in the second half and Eagles fans across the country collectively held their breath. The trainers checked out his ankle during the next timeout and he was cleared to continue playing. This injury could cause problems tonight and may affect Smith’s status for Boston College’s next game Saturday.
  • Despite Winthrop’s #15 seed and the school’s abysmal record in Tournament games (0-5) they nearly pulled off the biggest upset of the Tournament against Tennessee. I’m not going to lie, even though this would have killed my Brackets I was cheering for the Eagles in the second half.
  • Speaking of brackets, mine are already cooked! I’m in one league that had someone pick all of the games correctly today… how is that possible? That’s either pure genuis or complete luck.


Fri 03/17/06, 12:19 am EST

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