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After flirting with setting the record for ineptitude in a season of 21 wins, the Knicks reeled up three straight wins this month before getting blasted by the Pacers last night.

I caught the first half of their game against Indiana last night and as much as it pains me to say this, the Knicks looked decent. They had their guards feeding Eddy Curry in the post, Jamal Crawford was making good decisions with the ball and it looks like Nate Robinson has bought into Larry Brown’s coaching methods.

Well, sort of.

Robinson is passing the rock more but he’s still playing with a chip on his shoulder. The chip came out in the second quarter when Stephen Jackson and Robinson were issued technicals after they got into an argument. Just before the half Brown benched Robinson the camera crew caught the rookie getting chewed out by his coach. Robinson claims he doesn’t mind the “tough love” that Brown provides because he feels that the coach is a father figure, but there comes a time when your pride checks in and you get pissed about being chewed out on television. I’ve long been a fan of Robinson’s but he’s gotta grow up and realize that he needs to impress Brown in order to get minutes. It’s not even a case of kissing up to Brown, it’s a case of maturing as a man and as a basketball player.

One Knicks player that did impress me was Crawford. He’s a shooting guard trapped in a point guards body who wasn’t getting any love from Coach Brown earlier this season. Brown likes his point guards to look for the pass before they look for their own shot - something Crawford’s never been known to do. Brown looks to have given up on turning him into a point guard and instead has allowed Crawford to slide over to the off guard position. This move has seen huge dividens for Crawford as he out-scored LeBron James last week (37 points to 36) and has been averaging 25.6 points per game in his last five games. Tonight he dropped 26 points on the Pacers.

Come on New York, finish the season in a free fall so I have a team to crack jokes about. Killer Crossover has been picking on the Knicks for the past month and got into the fun yesterday by making fun of Steve Francis. They posted a picture of Steve Francis with his top off talking to some teenage girls and added some comical quotes. I tried to post that picture on this site but it’s too wide and it throws off my formatting. Trust me, this picture is hilarious and is worth checking out.

I’m sure that with a week left in the season something will go down in Gotham to allow the Knicks to end their season on a low. Even if the Knicks somehow manage to end things no a high note, I’m sure that Isaiah Thomas will do something idiotic this summer to give me something to write about. This is the GM who traded away the possible top pick in this summers draft, he added a second over priced point guard at the trade deadline and has inspired Knicks faithful to create a website called asking for Thomas to be thrown in jail.


Tue 04/11/06, 3:39 am EST

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