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Prediction: Marlins Will Trade Miguel Cabrera to the Mets

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by user Awrigh01

By the end of this year the Florida Marlins will trade 23-year-old budding-superstar Miguel Cabrera. Why? Cabrera is eligible for arbitration for the first time next winter.

Cabrera will receive about $7,000,000 to $10,000,000 in arbitration after the season. However, it is unlikely that the Marlins will be willing to pay this handsome sum, evident from their reluctance to give Josh Beckett $4,000,000 to $5,000,000 this winter.

Miggy is awesome. He's defensively versatile: Cabrera plays third base or the outfield corners. To quote Napolean Dynamite, he's got skills. His talent ranks with the best: Frank Robinson, Albert Pujols, Vladimir Guerrero, Eddie Murray, Hank Aaron, and Johnny Bench. If Cabrera keeps it up, he could command $20,000,000 easy from some willing suitor.

Who will get the bounty from the penny-pinching Marlins? The Yankees? George's toy box is aleady full. The Yankees are over-burdened by long-term contracts, especially in the outfield and third-base. Arod isn't going anywhere. Hideki Matsui isn't going anywhere. Johnny Damon just got signed to a long-term deal, and the Yanks will extend Gary Sheffield's contract during the next off-season (even if he punches another fan).

Who then would be a perfect fit? Ahh, the Metropolitans of New York. A team with some solid blue chip prospects--Lastings Milledge, Pelfrey, etc.--and enough room and flexibility to bring Miggy on board.

The Kris Benson trade gave the Mets an extra $9 million to play with next year. The Mets will also have some spare change once Tom Glavine's contract expires this off-season. Benson's savings plus Glavine's contract give the Mets some financial feedom.

Top Prospects + salary room could mean Cabrera wearing Blue and Orange by the end of the year.


Mon 2/27/2006 4:28 PM

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