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Official: Texans to Draft Mario Williams

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Reporter Rachel Nichols of ESPN is reporting the Texans and DE Mario Williams have agreed on a contract having him as the #1 pick of the 2006 draft. Bush will not be the #1 pick. The deal is 6 years for $54 million.

Huge news here, but it makes sense. They already have a solid back in Davis and need defense badly. This leaves the Saints to take him, but they locked up McAllister for a lot of money. The Titans need a QB whether Bush is still available or not. If I were the Jets I'd be looking to trade up and grab Bush, despite the fact that there's an outside chance of getting him at #4. I would consider trading up as well for the 49ers. Bush would make them relevant again.


Fri 04/28/06, 4:34 pm EST


  • ESPN


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