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I thought it was only right to give my opinion on Big Blue's performance this offseason.

The Giants have revamped there secoundary and made some big moves so far by adding cornerbacks Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters and by adding former Baltimore Ravens safety Will Demps. These moves should give the Giants a pretty strong secondary when compared to last year when they were basically dominated every game and got trampled by Steve Smith in the playoffs.

The Giants were not to keen about updating another position that seemed to be a weakpoint at the end of the season—most notably Linebacker. The Gaints recently added one of the premere linebackers in the offseason, LaVar Arrington, which should create some animosity when they play his former team and division rival the Washington Redskins. The Giants also added linebacker Brandon Short, which should add some depth in a depleted position on the Giants.

The Giants also added some depth at the defensive end position during the draft (as if they already didnt have enough) by adding Boston College standout Mathias Kiwanuka to their arsenal. Most likely, Kiwanuka—who appears to be Strahan's air apparent—will alternate with current starters Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan, who is getting up in age

The Giants also added a much need third receiver to there offense by grabbing a small, speedy, and compact Sinorice Moss who is the brother of current Redskin Santana Moss. Moss should add to the Giants receiving tandom of Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer by becoming the third reliable receiver with some some speed. I think everyone can agree on one thing though, if Sinorice is anything like his brother he will be a great football player.

If i were to grade the Giants as of now i would give them a B+. While they could have added some more depth in the secondary, they have addressed many of the teams needs this offseason.


Wed 05/03/06, 5:09 pm EST


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