by user SadlyAJetsFan

I just bought tickets for the National Lacrosse League Championship game on May 13. Yeah, you're probably sitting there wondering what is that. Well I'll tell you. It's one of the craziest things you'll ever experience.

I went to my first Buffalo Bandits game on Saturday. A playoff semifinal against the Rochester Knighthawks. 10,000+ in the building. Loud. Screaming. Rowdy. Fights in the crowd. Fights in the game. Hard penalties. Bad penalties. High scoring. Everything you'd find in every other major sport and even a little bit more.

But why no press. Why does no one care. Well there could be a couple reasons.

  1. Lack of teams. Look, there's only 11 teams in the league broken up into 2 divisions. There will be 12 next year.
  2. Lack of advertisement. The NLL does not advertise often, thus not many people care for it.
  3. No season television deals. Now, the championship game will be on ESPN2. But that's the only game nationally televised. Hopefully this leads to more game on ESPN/ESPN2

There is certainly no lack of excitement or adrenaline. The Bandits game I went to on Saturday was just as loud as any Sabres game i've ever been to.

So I say, it's time for everyone to give NLL a chance. On Saturday, May 13 at 6:00 the Championship game will be played live on ESPN2. It will pit the Colorado Mammoth ranked #2 in the Western Division against the Buffalo Bandits ranked #1 in the Eastern Division.

I say watch. Hell if you can't get it, TiVo it or tape it. I just ask you give it a chance. If enough people get into it eventually it will get television deals. And 10 years down the line it could be a major sport. But the problem is the fanbase. But that can all change if enough people tune on May 13...


Mon 05/01/06, 3:05 pm EST

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