So much hope, such utter disasters. Below is a list of NFL players who failed to live up to high expectations. Remember how good Ryan Leaf was supposed to be? Trained by his father since he was a small child, Todd Marinovich's collapsed like a deck of cards in the NFL. Don't forget Thunder and Lightning! While Tiki Barber has shown MVP like prowess on the field, Ron Dayne's professional performance resembles a drizzle more than a thunderstorm. Below is a more comprehensive list, please add your favorite bust or comment on the wasted talent listed below.


Running Back

Wide Receiver

Offensive Linemen

Defensive End

Defensive Tackle


  • Brian Bosworth: Drafted by Seattle Seahawks in 1987 in the supplemental draft, Bosworth was one of the greatest college linebackers ever to play. However, he was a complete bust in the NFL, playing three poor seasons before retiring due to shoulder injury.


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