by user Ray

I consider myself a big fan of college hoops and a lukewarm fan of NBA. Needless to say, March is my favorite time of year. While the NBA has bigger, faster, and more skilled players, I have thought for the past couple of years that NCAA games were far better. After this year's tournament, those thoughts have just been solidified.

The emotion and energy that those kids display on the court in the name of their school is just inspirational. It's been said before but I'll say it again, NBA players don't seem to play as much defense and their FG% also seems to suffer after college. Too much money burning a hole in their pockets.

There was another post on this site calling the 2006 tournament as possibly the best ever and I'm starting to agree while watching UCONN battling George Mason in OT as I write this. The Sweet 16 round was ridiculous as we saw UCLA's stunning comeback against the Zags and who can forget Paulino's 3-pointer over WVU as time expired. Not to be outdone, the very next day we saw 2 OT games deciding who gets to the Elite 8.

Moreover, the new NBA age limit will also help make the college game better by keeping some phenoms in school for a little longer.

My point is that NCAA basketball is alive and well and I feel that the NBA is losing its luster. Does anybody else agree or disagree?


Sun 03/26/06, 2:01 pm EST

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