The National Championship for women's college basketball was first held by the NCAA in 1982. Previous to the creation of an NCAA tournament, other women's college sports organizations such as the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) organized championships. The AIAW was discontinued after the 1982 season, so there are subsequently two champions for that season.

NCAA Champions

Year Winner Score Opponent Venue Most Outstanding Player
1982 Louisiana Tech 76-62 Cheyney State Norfolk Janice Lawrence, Louisiana Tech
1983 USC 69-67 Louisiana Tech Norfolk Cheryl Miller, USC
1984 USC 72-61 Tennessee Los Angeles Cheryl Miller, USC
1985 Old Dominion 70-65 Georgia Austin Tracy Claxton, Old Dominion
1986 Texas 97-81 USC Lexington, KY Clarissa Davis, Texas
1987 Tennessee 67-44 Louisiana Tech Austin Tonya Edwards, Tennessee
1988 Louisiana Tech 56-54 Auburn Tacoma Erica Westbrooks, Louisiana Tech
1989 Tennessee 76-60 Auburn Tacoma Bridgette Gordon, Tennessee
1990 Stanford 88-81 Auburn Knoxville, TN Jennifer Azzi, Stanford
1991 Tennessee 70-67 (OT) Virginia New Orleans Dawn Staley, Virginia
1992 Stanford 78-62 Western Kentucky Los Angeles Molly Goodenbour, Stanford
1993 Texas Tech 84-74 Ohio State Atlanta Sheryl Swoopes, Texas Tech
1994 North Carolina 60-59 Louisiana Tech Richmond Charlotte Smith, North Carolina
1995 UConn 70-64 Tennessee Minneapolis Rebecca Lobo, UConn
1996 Tennessee 83-65 Georgia Charlotte Michelle Marciniak, Tennessee
1997 Tennessee 68-59 Old Dominion Cincinnati Chamique Holdsclaw, Tennessee
1998 Tennessee 93-75 Louisiana Tech Kansas City Chamique Holdsclaw, Tennessee
1999 Purdue 62-45 Duke San Jose Ukari Figgs, Purdue
2000 UConn 71-52 Tennessee Philadelphia Shea Ralph, UConn
2001 Notre Dame 68-66 Purdue St. Louis Ruth Riley, Notre Dame
2002 UConn 82-70 Oklahoma San Antonio Swin Cash, UConn
2003 UConn 73-68 Tennessee Atlanta Diana Taurasi, UConn
2004 UConn 70-61 Tennessee New Orleans Diana Taurasi, UConn
2005 Baylor 84-62 Michigan State Indianapolis Sophia Young, Baylor
2006 Boston

Pre-NCAA Champions

  • 1969-1972: Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (CIAW)
  • 1973-1982: Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW)
Year Winner Score Opponent
1969 West Chester 65-39 Western Carolina
1970 Cal State Fullerton 50-46 West Chester
1971 Mississippi State College for Women 57-55 West Chester
1972 Immaculata 52-48 West Chester
1973 Immaculata 59-52 Queens
1974 Immaculata 68-53 Mississippi State College for Women
1975 Delta State 90-81 Immaculata
1976 Delta State 69-64 Immaculata
1977 Delta State 68-55 LSU
1978 UCLA 90-74 Maryland
1979 Old Dominion 75-65 Louisiana Tech
1980 Old Dominion 68-53 Tennessee
1981 Louisiana Tech 79-59 Tennessee
1982 Rutgers 83-77 Texas

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