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I was watching PTI the other day, as I do everyday I'm awake by 2:30pm.. One of their toss-up questions was, "What are you most looking forward to: The NBA Playoffs or The NFL Draft?" Overwhelmingly, they chose the draft, which I agreed with (mostly) until today.

Its safe to say that I'm all drafted-out. Everyday, ESPN dedicates 19 out of its 24 hours to the stupid draft. They talk about players that only hardcore college fans know, then they weigh in their argument who is going where. If I hear one more fucking thing about Reggie Bush, it'll be in the next 45 seconds. Wait for it.........wait for it.........yup, I see a USC jersey. **Side note: Maybe its the Seattle haterism in me saying this, but wouldn't it be funny if he just didn't pan out?** It's all really about Vegas betting and fantasy teams and 4-to-5 teams' turn around for next season. Sadly enough, it'll be a while before these young superstars see a winning season. If you ask me, free agency and the possible trades are more exciting.

Oh, The NBA Playoffs. The second greatest post-season event behind the NCAA Tourney (Super Bowl excluded). Even though it's a bit long (the winning team can play up to a possible 28 games), it's WAY better than the NFL Draft. You can't beat the 4/5 and 3/6 match-ups, the #1 seed steamrolling to the Finals, the 40 games/40 nights on TNT, and the most exciting game 7's in any sport. People in Seattle don't remember these things since we haven't seen it since Shawn Kemp was skinny and Gary Payton lived up to his nickname. But its still just as good. Will LeBron James take his team to the Conference Finals? Will Kobe and Allen I. surprise the top ranked teams? Will Tony Parker stop banging his desperate housewife long enough to win it all? Its fucking exciting. At least more so than 6 or so rounds of overgrown kids becoming millionaires. Unless the Seahawks can pull a young receiver. That'd be GRAND.


Fri 04/14/06, 4:01 pm EST

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