This past Sunday we were informed about which NBA players made the USA Olympic Basketball team. This was the roster that was put out:

NBA players on Team USA's training camp roster:

Overall I think this is a good roster. However, there are some players that were chosen which boggle the mind. The players that I believe should not be on this team are:

  1. Lamar Odom
  2. Luke Ridnour
  3. Antawn Jamison

I understand they wanted to get a group that would provide a good balance of scoring, outside shooting, passing, and defense. However I don't think these three players should be on this team for a number of reasons. Let's take Lamar Odom for example. He is an average player and doesn't really offer this team anything special.

Lamar Odom's Stats 2003-2004

<stats> Player=Lamar Odom Sport=NBA Years=2003,2004 </stats>

Luke Ridnour sucks and he doesn't belong on this team more so than the other two players.

Luke Ridnour's Stats 2003-2004

<stats> Player=Luke Ridnour Sport=NBA Years=2003,2004 </stats>

Jamison also is not a good rebounder and we have enough small forwards on this team who are much better such as Carmelo, James, and Pierce. Jamison does not shoot the ball well as well.

Antawn Jamison's Stats 2003-2004

<stats> Player=Antawn Jamison Sport=NBA Years=2003,2004 </stats>

None of these three players offer this team with something they are lacking. In my opinion, three players that could have helped this team would have been Ben Wallace, who would provide rebounding and great defense, Mike Bibby, who is a good point guard and good ball handler, which would provide this team with another guy who likes to pass and can put up points as well, and Marcus Camby, who would provide this team with another big man who can play center and would provide this team with a long player who can rebound and defend. He is on always one of the top leaders in rebounding and blocked shots. Of course, if any of the players who declined to play would play, these guys would not even be a choice for this team. Im glad to hear though that they finally made a true team and I expect them to come home with the World Championship this summer and the gold medal in 2008.


Wed 03/08/06, 11:53 pm EST

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