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There is no other sport that holds title to more superstitions than baseball. A favorite example is Nomar Garciaparra, who dresses the same way every day, tugs his batting gloves and taps his shoes before every swing, and even makes sure to step out of the dugout with the same foot every time.

But perhaps the king of all superstitions is pitcher Turk Wendell. The following is a list of the Turk's superstitions: 1.) Turk jumps over the third- and first-base lines every time he enters or exits the field. 2.) Turk brushes his teeth between every inning he pitches (pictured above). 3.) Turk cannot simply drop the rosin bag after using it. He has to abuse it like a "Durham Dancer", by hurl it to the ground with the same force he uses for his fastball. 4.) Turk treats himself to some licorice in between innings as well.

Superstitions run rampant throughout baseball. But just like Bud Selig's rules on steroids, superstitions are meant to be broken.


Mon 05/08/06, 5:34 pm EST

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