by user Awrigh01

Ken Rosenthal can be an idiot. Today, he wrote an article about how Dontrelle Willis should be traded. Here's his brilliant logic:

"Willis, 24, will appeal not just to the losers of the Roger Clemens sweepstakes, but also to any surprise team that wants to maintain its early momentum with a midseason blockbuster.
For example, what if the Reds offered a package including third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and top pitching prospect Homer Bailey?"

So let me get this straight Ken? The Marlins should trade Willis, a proven big league pitcher who finished second in the NL in CY Young voting for more offense and an speculative pitcher who will probably take 2-3 more years to be big league ready. That's not smart, let me outline why.

First, Willis has got the good to deliver cheaply for the next two years. The Marlins might stink this year, but next year they should be decent and the year after, if things progress decently, that they should be able to make a run at the playoffs.

Second, the Marlins have a decent core of solid hitters: Miguel Cabrera, Josh Willingham, Jeremy Hermida, Hanley Ramirez, and Mike Jacobs should develop into a pretty solid offense. Why do they need Edwin Encarnacion? I'll wait for that answer.

Third, the Marlins pitching stinks just about as much as your article. Besides Willis, there isn't much major league ready talent. True, the Marlins got Yusmeiro Petit when they traded Carlos Delgado, but people question how he'll fair in the big-leagues. Who else do they have Ken?

So, the Marlins should trade Dontrelle for a speculative starter and more offense. Thank god your not a general manager. I, however, am an ArmchairGM and will continue to point out your stupid columns.


Fri 04/28/06, 12:08 pm EST

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