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I can’t believe what Mike James told reporter this week. I’ve read this quote over a couple of times to make sure, and yes, James is now comparing himself to Jesus. After bouncing around countless teams in his first five years in the league, James now feels that after one season of averaging 20 points per game that he can compare himself to Jesus.

During his wrap-up interviews James told Toronto reporters that, “I can’t make people like me. Even Jesus Christ and all the healing he was doing on every single day, they still wanted to persecute him and kill him. And so, who am I? I can’t even pull a hangnail out of my daughter’s finger let alone heal somebody.”

James, my man, you gotta’ shut your mouth. I admire your passion for the game and the fact that you want to win but you’ve now crossed the line. During the month of April you started to look like an egocentric athlete who’s only worried about getting paid and now you just flat out look crazy.

I don’t know who James’ agent is but they need to get their client to stop talking to the media.


Sat 04/22/06, 7:22 am EST

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