Mike Hallett (born July 2, 1959) is an English professional snooker player.

Hallett was a consistently solid snooker player, but never achieved the very top ranks. His world ranking peaked at number six in 1989/90, after his only ranking tournament victory, the 1989 Hong Kong Open, in which he beat Dene O'Kane 9-8.

Hallett's greatest moment was also his greatest downfall. In 1991 he reached the Masters Final at Wembley. In a 17-frame match, Hallett surged to a 7-0 lead over Stephen Hendry. He then moved into an 8-2 lead and needed just one frame to win the tournament. Hendry, looking despondent, managed to spring a thrilling comeback to win the match 9-8. To make matters worse, Hallett returned home to find that his house had been burgled.

Hallett did reach the quarter-finals of the World Championship twice, but never progressed further than that.


Tournament Wins

  • Hong Kong Open: 1 (1989)


  • World Number 1: Never
  • Highest Ranking: 6 (1989)


  • Century Breaks:
  • Highest Break: 139


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Mike Hallett

Professional Career: 1980-2005

Date of Birth: 02/07/1959

Place of Birth:

Nationality: Template:Team England

Current World Ranking: N/A

World Ranking Event Titles: 0

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Rivals: None

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