The New York Mets are sticking with SP Victor Zambrano. Zambrano, who has a 9.64 ERA in three starts, continued to struggle last Sunday in San Diego. While Zambrano cruised through the first three innings, he imploded in the fourth allowing a two-strike hit to Josh Barfield and Grand Slam to Brian Giles. Since 2005, Zambrano has posted a 4-8 record after a Mets win. In comparison, Pedro Martinez has a 10-2 record during the same period.

Despite his play, Omar Minaya stated that the Mets are "hoping he'll pick it up in the next outing or so. . .Hopefully, he won't pitch like this for very long." Minaya also said that Zambrano doesn't have a limitless leash, but acknowledged that the Mets have few viable options at this point.


Tue 04/25/06, 9:02 am EST



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