by user MetsJetsDevils

No, Not Hideki. Kaz Matsui, after becoming the only player to homer in his first at bat of the season in his first two consecutive seasons became the only player in baseball history to homer in his first at bat of the season three years in a row for his first three seasons. In his first at bat of the season after starting the season on the DL, Matsui, batting eight, belted a pitch off the outfield wall that caromed off the outfielder as Matsui scurried around the bases for an infield the park homerun. Although it was an away game, played on the West Coast, Mets fans booed Matsui's accomplishment. Said one: "We need him to really suck because it gives me something to complain about and eventually they will have to get rid of him.


Fri 04/21/06, 4:27 am EST

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