Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Havlat is fast, particularly in sprints, and has superior stick-handling skills. He is excellent one-on-one. He creates highlight-reel goals and can score in the clutch. The skill, willingness and confidence to take risks with the puck comes from his upbringing in the Czech Republic, according to another Czech winger and conference rival, which encourages creativity with the puck. Havlat is responsible and plays hard on the defensive side. He uses not only his shot, which is very accurate, but also his teammates, Havlat is versatile, able to play all three forward positions, and is a powerplay threat. He has an edge to his game and is good at drawing retaliatory penalties.

WEAKNESSES: If he isn't using his speed, Havlat can be ineffective. Somewhat slight for his height, he can be contained or at least limited by big hits. He has been bothered by groin injuries during his career, which could worsen as he gets older. He isn't as effective if he doesn't get enough minutes. "In the games when he plays a lot, he puts up the numbers," says the rival winger. In his first 10 games of playing fewer than 15 minutes, Havlat had three goals and four assists--an average of 0.7 points per game, His average in the games in which he played more than 15 minutes was 1.15 ppg.




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