by user Jetsrsuper

Daunte Culpepper wants out of Minnesota. John Abraham wants out of New York. The Jets could use a quarterback. Now although the Vikings may have no interest in Abraham, the Atlanta Falcons do, and are rumored to be offering the 15th pick in the draft. The Jets should accept, and then ship that pick to the Vikings for Culpepper. The Vikings wont be able to get a better pick than that for him. The Jets can then have their quarterback, Culpepper is still young. The Jets can then go ahead and draft a big offensive tackle, like D'Brickshaw Ferguson and protect Culpepper. The Vikings can use the pick on a defensive back which they badly need, and the Falcons can add a big time pass rusher. This makes sense for all three teams involved. What does everyone think?


Fri 03/10/06, 4:44 pm EST

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