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by user Dolphinfan

I know that by this time everyone is sick of that word in reference to college basketball but there is no other word to describe the finish of the Texas/West Virginia and the UCLA/Gonzaga games.

After the Mountaineers and Longhorns traded three’s to end their game I thought out loud that I may not see another game end with that much excitement the rest of the tournament. I only had to wait 15 more minutes! Then I watched UCLA pull out their miracle against Gonzaga.

You know it has been a crazy night in the tournament when a #1 seed falls and it isn’t the biggest story of the night. LSU and Duke seemed to mirror their respective football teams in the basketball court. The Tigers were big and physical and the Blue Devils were soft and slow.

Move over Sports Illustrated there is a new curse brought to you by those wonderful people at ESPN. First they anoint USC as possibly the greatest college football dynasty ever only to see them fall in the Rose Bowl to Texas. Then they start comparing Duke to the great UCLA dynasty of years past only to see them bounced in the Sweet 16. Good job ESPN! Please stay away from my Sooners.

In a related story Memphis sent Cinderella home from the ball. The clock struck Midnight for 13 seeded Bradley as they were thumped 80-64 by the Tigers. On a related note has Memphis beaten a quality opponent in this tournament? I believe that UCLA will be a rude awakening for them Saturday night.

Posted at My Opinion on Sports,


Fri 03/24/06, 8:47 am EST

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