by user Timothy Moreland

A lot was made of the increase in homeruns over the first couple weeks of the season. The sample size is still too small to draw any meaningful conclusions from but, for the sake of fun, let's look at where the power currently stands.

Power in the Last Decade
2006* .171 .177
2005 .157 .152
2004 .163 .160
2003 .160 .156
2002 .160 .151
2001 .161 .164
2000 .168 .166
1999 .165 .161
1998 .160 .148
1997 .158 .147
1996 .168 .146

Well, the Isolated Power is higher than it has been in the last decade, or the Steroid Era. I would imagine this will come down eventually, but offense tends to rise in the hotter months.


Sun 04/23/06, 4:38 pm EST

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