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What a disgrace by MLB in the suspensions and fines that they handed down yesterday for the parts played in the bean-ball game played last week between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals… or, at least half of them!

Inexplicably, the Nationals were served with 2 suspensions and 3 players/managers being fined for their roles in the game, most notably the bench-clearning near brawl that ensued after Nationals’ OF Jose Guillen was hit for the SECOND time in the game (5th time in career) by Pedro Martinez. In total, 4 Nationals’ players were hit by pitches, and only 1 player for the Mets. But it was the Nationals who somehow hold all the blame? What a sham! For the record, Guillen was hit 3 total times in the series with the Mets.

How do the Mets get away from this unscathed when the Nationals were hit so hard, in comparison?! You tell me! I guess it’s because Natioanls’ relief pitcher F. Rodriguez felt the need to protect his teammates and drill Paul Lo Duca in the 8th inning, after which both he and manager Frank Robinson were ejected. Ahhh, it makes “perfect sense” now… the Mets are allowed to drill FOUR Nationals’ batters, but when even ONE Met is hit, then there is a problem. I blame the umpires for not getting this game under control sooner… and I clearly blame MLB for making a mockery of this situation.

Let this be a lesson to teams… if you want to settle a score, you better drill the other teams batters before their pitcher drills yours… otherwise, you might be reprimanded for defending your teammates, while the other team gets off scott-free!

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Tue 04/11/06, 10:53 am EST




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