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Today I read an article by Robert Falkoff on with a list of best AL Cy Young candidates. He breezes along in usual mlb style, with an obvious personal bias & no substantiation. I can't find out how to email the biased Falkoff--MLB is a fortress, AND there's a disclaimer at the end that the article wasn't subject to the approval of MLB. So, they can politicize and campaign and no one is held responsible. He even says "we at MLB.COM HAVE COME UP WITH A LIST." Really? Since mlb has a near monopoly on information & its distribution, this is fine to them. We don't know the names, resumes, etc. of all these decision makers, we're just dumb hicks supposed to accept everything these arrogant individuals say. This subject must be opened up, as does the whole baseball awards process. Is Falkoff a voter? Who are the others who came up with this list & their backgrounds? Many voters will use this as background for their votes. MLB is an arrogant monopoly--people must realize this.


Mon 03/27/06, 7:34 pm EST

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