by user Susan mullen

Not that they're not allowed to have an orientation, but I like to know what it is. I've seen some things in the past that let me know where they stand, but 1 item today was most interesting. They put up a normal opening post & name of an originating blog, but put a mocking editorial comment about a particular player above the post. I checked twice at the blog, & the blogger had made no reference whatever to the player mentioned by mocked a particular player on an entirely different team than the blogger was discussing. I also left the blogger an email asking about this event. This event highlights the fact that baseball information to the masses is unfairly slanted, & I am the only person concerned about it. (Not to mention that this would mean the blogger's post was materially changed & presented incorrectly).

UPDATE: I have the applicable urls:

This one shows the headline the blogger of, but the opening sentence, an unrelated derisive opinion apparently by someone at The original post by the blogger is still up at (about ADD & Adam LaRoche, not mentioning Andy Pettitte), and my comment is still there, asking about the Andy Pettitte statement, which is published on but not on the blogger's post. It appears there is still no independent community for baseball information except armchairgm. I knew had an orientation, but it seems the vocal group of opinion leaders is growing stronger.


Tue 05/16/06, 8:41 pm EST

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