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I was hunting around for last second places to play brackets and potentially win cash, but with no entry fee. I know there are literally thousands of places to play for a fee, and a thousand more places to play for free, but no cash prize. I figured I'd post my links here, and people could add on any cash prizes for free entry tournaments they know about.

  • ESPN:Grand Prize = $10,000. Last year a guy won with 55 correct picks.
  • CNN/SI If you get all 63 games right, you'll win $1 million. Good Friggin Luck.
  • Sportsdot $100 First Prize. It's the slashdot of sports, but with nowhere near the readership. Their prize is only $100, but you only have to be the top guy out of 50 instead of 50,000.

  • USA Today is only giving away a 42" plasma, but I guess that's enough to play for.


Wed 03/15/06, 11:24 pm EST


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