It looks like Anna Benson couldn't take her life without hubby Kris. Quoth her publicist: "Anna did a lot of soul searching over the weekend, and it is her desire to repair her marriage." And with that, Anna withdrew her divorce petition. Ms. Benson was represented by Jeffrey B. Bogart, at Atlanta attorney, who triumphantly proclaims on his website that he "recently made his second appearance on Court TV, in a nationally televised murder trial were he defended a high school student, Heath Meehan . . . [t]he case drew national attention because it concerned the use of firearms by high school students. Mr. Meehan was acquitted of the charge of felony murder which carried with it life imprisonment." Mr. Bogart also represented Chipper Jones in an undisclosed matter.

Ms. Benson's press agency, 5W Public Relations, issued a press release on the attempted reconciliation. An earlier press release announcing Benson and 5Ws relationship (dated just two months ago) has the latter describing Anna as an "irreverant humanitarian and beauty," and goes on to say:

Anna Benson, whose generosity, humanitarian efforts, political and business smarts, which are often out shadowed by the selective coverage of her tough as nails attitude and sexy outfits has recently launched her own online gambling website, in addition to shooting the cover of the forthcoming, April issue of FHM. We are excited to introduce the other side of Ms. Benson, a loving wife, mother of three and hardworking entrepreneur via the media.

This should be fun.


Tue 04/04/06, 11:34 am EST



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