Larry Johnson posted one of the more memorable college football seasons by a running back ever when he rushed for over 2,000 yards in 2002 for Penn State. He led an otherwise mediocre team to the Capital One Bowl, where they lost to Auburn. The following spring, he was a surprise first-round draft pick by the Kansas City Chiefs, even though they already had a stud RB on the roster in Priest Holmes. But they made the right decision, as Johnson filled in remarkably for the injured Holmes in 2005. Despite only starting 9 games, Johnson finished the season with 1,750 yards and 20 touchdowns, both totals that ranked first in the AFC. Johnson carried the Chiefs to a 10-6 record (and nearly playoff berth), and some have suggested that in 2006 he could possibly break the mythical 2,000 yard barrier.


<stats> Player=Larry Johnson Sport=NFL </stats>

Advanced Stats

(Normalized to 2005 environment)

Season	Team	Pos	G	Plays	   TAY  NetPts  Pts/Pl	 PAR	PAR/G	WARP
2003	kan	rb	 6	 20.3	  92.0	  7.67	0.378	 2.94	0.49	0.07
2004	kan	rb	10	130.6	 794.5	 66.21	0.507	35.78	3.58	0.89
2005	kan	rb	16	352.5	2126.5	177.21	0.503	95.08	5.94	2.38


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Larry Johnson (football)


Position: RB

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Uniform Number: 27

Years in League: 3

Age: 26

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 230 lbs.

College: Penn State

Selection: 1st Round, Pick 27

Drafted By: Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Debut:


Date of Birth: November 19, 1979

Place of Birth: State College, PA

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