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New York Knicks (1946 - ) Draft History


Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Channing Frye	 Arizona	
1	David Lee	 Florida	
2	Dijon Thompson	 UCLA	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
2	Trevor Ariza     UCLA	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Michael Sweetney Georgetown	
2	Maciej Lampe     Poland	
2	Slavko Vranes    Serbia	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Nene Hilario     Brazil	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
2	Michael Wright	 Arizona	
2	Eric Chenowith	 Kansas	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
2	Lavor Postell    St. John's	
2	Pete Mickeal	 Cincinnati	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Frederic Weis	 France	
2	J.R. Koch	 Iowa	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
2	DeMarco Johnson  UNC-Charlotte	
2	Sean Marks       California	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	John Thomas      Minnesota	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	John Wallace     Syracuse	
1	Walter McCarty   Kentucky	
1	Dontae' Jones    Mississippi State	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Monty Williams   Notre Dame	
1	Charlie Ward     Florida State	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Hubert Davis     North Carolina	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Greg Anthony     Nevada-Las Vegas	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Jerrod Mustaf    Maryland	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
2	Brian Quinnett   Washington State	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Rod Strickland   DePaul	
2	Greg Butler      Stanford	
3	Phil Stinnie	 Virginia Commonwealth	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Mark Jackson     St. John's	
2	Ron Moore        West Virginia State	
3	Jerome Batiste	 McNeese State	
4	Mike Morgan	 Drake	
5	Glenn Clem	 Vanderbilt	
6	Howard Triche	 Syracuse	
7	Wayne Williams	 St. Joseph's	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Kenny Walker     Kentucky	
2	Michael Jackson  Georgetown	
4	Calvin Thompson	 Kansas	
5	Jerome Mincey	 Alabama-Birmingham	
6	Butch Wade	 Michigan	
7	Duane Kendall	 South Carolina	

Rnd	Name	         College/HS/Country	Note
1	Patrick Ewing    Georgetown	
2	Gerald Wilkins   Tennessee-Chattanooga	
4	Fred Cofield     Eastern Michigan	
5	Mike Schlegel	 Virginia Commonwealth	
6	Kent Lockhart	 Texas-El Paso	
7	Ken Bantum	 Cornell	


Did you recognize at least half of the names that the Knicks have drafted over the past two decades?

Ok, Mark Jackson, Greg Anthony, Hubert Davis, and Rod Strickland are the few you might be familiar with. However, the fact remains that Patrick Ewing's best teammates in his prime were John Starks and Charles Oakley. Neither of them were drafted by the New York Knicks.

Starks was picked up from the CBA and Charles Oakley was acquired in a trade for Bill Cartwright. I'll list a few more players that we picked up from free-agency and trades over the years: Derek Harper, Rolando Blackman, Larry Johnson, Charles Smith, Allan Houston, Antonio McDyess, Marcus Camby, Stephon Marbury and the list goes on and on and on. But the main problem for the New York Knicks as a franchise over the years despite the stupid trades and loaded contracts {Jerome James -$30 million} is that they've failed to draft and/or develop any superstars or impact players since they drafted Patrick Ewing.

At times, the Knicks didn't have any first round draft picks at all.{Look at the draft history above} The Knicks have had a constant history of digging their hands into the proverbial cookie jar which is the NBA free-agent market.

At some point, the Knicks have to make their own cookies. This is why they're in the worst salary-cap situation in the history of sports. Look at the San Antonio Spurs and their draft picks over the years, David Robinson, Avery Johnson, Sean Elliott, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginoboli. How about the Chicago Bulls completely rebuilding their roster with young players who are on the verge of stardom: {Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, Chris Duhon, Andres Nocioni, Luol Deng. Let's not mention the 2 first round picks they have in this year's draft that they acquired from Oh........the NEW YORK KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!! The New England Patriots:{Tedy Bruschi, Troy Brown, Drew Bledsoe, and digging all the way into the sixth round to dig up 3 time super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. How about the New York Yankees during their string of 4 World Series titles? {Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettitte} That was before they started digging into the cookie jar a bit too much themselves.

Channing Frye may be arguably the best pick the Knicks have had in over 2 decades. But how can he develop to his fullest potential on a team with no leadership on the court, no leadership in the front office, and no real plan to rebuild. How can David Lee develop?

Enjoy seeing another year with the Knicks receiving no first round draft picks at all. Don't worry though, there's always another Lavar Postell, John Wallace or a Frederic Weis waiting in the wings.


Sun 05/07/06, 2:21 pm EST

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