Keggy the Keg is the unofficial mascot of Dartmouth College.

From Eight Mascots that Need to Die comes this comment, describing Keggy's creation:


My freshman year roommate at Dartmouth, Chris Plehal, was one of the two guys that came up with Keggy the Keg (the other was Nick Duquette). What's important about Keggy is not so much that he's a giant beer or that he filled the void of a humanoid mascot at football games, it's that he represented a giant "Fuck you!" to the Dartmouth administration. Kegs are banned at Dartmouth unless you register them way in advance. It's a huge pain, it sucks for the environment (we drink a LOT of cans and none of the frats try very hard to recycle) and most importantly, it's an infringement on our freedom of beverage container choice for no apparent reason. Keggy represents getting 'faced, having fun and rooting for the Big Green, but more importantly, he represents a group of kids who got together and decided to make an administration-headed movement to choose a new mascot (of which the Mountaineers and Wildcats were choices... hi, WVU and Arizona!) into a complete joke. The administration that took our kegs and tried to cut the entire swim team over Thanksgiving break tried to throw us a bone by letting us choose the next mascot and Keggy turned the whole shabang into a giant shitburger for them to choke on. Any time students can stick it to an administration that is trying to get them to have less fun by limiting their beer flow or fucking over their student-athletes (these weren't jocks, these were smart kids who also swam) it's a good thing.


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