by user Thefoulpole

The Foul Pole

John Daly has estimated in his forthcoming book that he has lost about $50-60 million due to his gambling addiction.

He must be hanging out with Sergio on the tour however, since his Spanish is very strong.

"My sponsorship payments would be coming through in January, so I'd be able to pay everything off and get back to even by the beginning of the new year. Everything's fine. Everything's OK. No problema. Hell, yes, there's a problema."

Now we wanted to get a feel for exactly how much $60 million is since the only time we see that much money is when we pass the billboards with the latest Illinois Lottery figures on it. So being good journalists, the CIA reports that the little country of Nauru in the South Pacific has a gross domestic product of about $60 million.


Tue 05/02/06, 10:33 am EST

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