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The much discussed John Abraham to Atlanta deal has finally been a bizarre way. After Seattle lost Hutchinson and signed Julian Peterson it occurred to me that the Abraham to Atlanta trade would get done immediately because Seattle was likely no longer interested in Abraham. In fact, I thought the Jets would get the shaft and only get a 2nd round pick. Instead, the teams got creative and involved a third team, the Denver Broncos. The Broncos got the 15th pick in the draft in exchange for Denver's 2nd 1st rd pick, the 29th overall, a 3rd rd pick this year, and a 4th rd pick next year. Atlanta then dealt the 29th overall pick for Abraham. I think all the teams got great value although Denver probably got the best. For a 3rd and 4th rd pick Denver managed to move up from 29th to 15th. Denver is now in great position and can even package their 2 first rd picks to move into the top 5. The Jets also got a good deal getting the 1st rd pick they said they required. In reality, Abraham, if healthy, is worth much more than the 29th pick in the draft, but the situation as it is, getting the 29th pick is real good. The Jets now are in position to get any combination of help on the O-line, a QB, a DE to replace Abraham, or even a RB to replace Martin. They might also have the ammunition now to trade their 2nd rd pick to NO and move up to draft Leinart. Atlanta got a great Pass Rusher when healthy and should be considered a real contender in the NFC. however, they moved down from 15 to 29 and all they got was a 3rd and 4th rd pick which strikes me as way below the value chart.

Overall here are my grades for the trade Denver - A - gave up a 3rd and 4th rounder to move way up in the draft. Brilliant move. Jets - B+ - Abe was worth more but stood their ground and at got their 1st rd pick. Wonder why the Jets could not give up Abe and a 3rd this year and 4th next year for Atlanta's 15. Atlanta - B - Got the guy they wanted but it looks like their trade with Denver was motivated by saving face.


Tue 03/21/06, 7:42 pm EST

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