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The post about the Jets futility when it comes to picking in the 1st round is only outdone by their lack of propsects selected in the second round. Here are some of the classics.

  • 2003 - Victor Hobson - Mediocre OLB pick that surprised many people as he was a reach. Selected one spot ahead of pro-bowler Anquan Boldin.
  • 2002 - Jon McGraw, a pick every actually thought was good. Spent his career injured and was traded to Detroit last year for a 7th rounder. Among the pikcs immediately after, pro bowlers Sheldon Brown and Michael Lewis, Antwaan Randle El and Deion Branch.
  • 1998 - Doriane Boose. Here starts a run of AWFUL picks. (Side note: Bill Parcells is the WORST talent evaluator draft wise than any other GM in the history of football)
  • 1997 - Rick Terry - Ugh. 1st pick of the 2nd rd. Guy was AWFUL. Jamie Sharper would have been good. Tiki Barber would have changed Giants history, Jake Plummer or Corey Dillon would have looked nice,
  • 1996 - Alex Van Dyke - NOOOOOOOOOOO! Meshawn Johnson in the 1st and this nobody in the 2nd? This is a rich Kotite special. But hey, we got Chrebet that year as a rookie FA. Could have had Amani Toomer, Mike Alstott, or Lawyer Malloy or even Mushin Muhammed.
  • 1994 - Ryan Yarborough - a WR from Wyoming. I mean these guys are such busts they might have to create another name for them to distinguish them from lesser Ryan Leaf! I wonder if the Jets would have rather Charlie Garner, Larry Allen or Jason Sehorn?
  • 1993 - Coleman Rudolph - WHO? You know that DE who was taken 4 picks BEFORE Michael Strahan!
  • 1992 - Kurt Barber - He was an OK special teams player who did start a bit.
  • 1991 - With the 34th overall pick the Jets select Browning Nagle. With the 33rd overall pick the Atlanta Falcons selected Brett Favre. Let the crying begin.
  • 1990 - Trying to outdue their 1st rd selection of Blair Thomas the Jets Select Reggie Rembert, WR, West Virginia. He makes absolutely no contribution to the NFL or society has a whole.

That's as far back as I am going to go before I make any other Jets fans suicidal. Last year we took a kicker. A KICKER!!!!!!


Wed 03/29/06, 6:50 am EST

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