Hair –Start to fear before they disappears

I was born in an Indian family who shifted to Australia before my birth .My family is doing business since 1947.Our business expanded due to which my ancestor shifted to Queensland  Australia .I have only a brother who also born here in Queensland like me .We both the brothers followed the culture of Queennsland which is not bearable to our parents but it’s not our fault .We have never seen the culture of India because we never went to India .Now our parents are planning that we should shift to India so that we will be aware of the Indian traditions and culture .But we both the brothers opposed them and we refuse to went India .Personally I want to go india but it’s not the right time to move on .Our study is going on there and our parents wants us to join family business but we both brothers wants to study further .My brother is pursuing B .tech engineering and I had completed my MBA from quinsland only .Now we both want to study further .I want to complete my PHD from The University of Sydney .My parents doesn’t want me to study further .But I am trying my best to convience them even my mom gets ready after listening to my views I told mom that I don’t  want to join my family business .I have my own dreams and I want to work to achieve those .She promise me that she would convience my Dad for the same .I have interest in teaching field and I am quiet good in that .I like to join a college as an assistant professor so that I can achieve my dreams .I am working hard and looking forward to get my admission soon for the further studies .Meanwhile now a days I am busy in preparing research papers so that they will provide me the help in future when I will enrole my name in the students of PHD .Our family is a well reputed family because our ancestors have made a wide platform in the world of business .We have lot of industries in India and other parts of the World .In Quinsland we are known for our quality business .We are exporting our products to many nations of the world .I have an Uncle who believes that I will do something different as our family is doing .He has a full faith on me and he always suggest me to move further regarding my studies . He always tries to convience my parents that I should studied further .My brother also wants to become a good engineer

He is also working hard to get that .But after born in Austrlia we recognize that we are very far away from our realtives  .But what can a one do you have to managed your life without them .In last year I went through the very complicate problem .It was a problem regarding my hairfall .I went to different doctors and different medicals institutes to resolve that problem but the problem persists constant .The stage reach when my scalp became empty .There were nothing going right with my hair .Then I asked my friend .The same were happening with him over an year ago but he was recovered with this situation .He suggest me that I should go to Australian Institute of Hair Restoration(AIHR) .I went there and I meet with Dr . Andrew Kim there . He suggest me to transplant the hair replacement .It was a quiet big decision for me for which I ask my parents shell I move further on the advice of the doctor

.They told me that he is a good doctor .  You can listen to him and can start complete treatment of yours . Then I decided to transplant hair loss treatment .It was quiet successful experiment of mine .The problem of hair falling were completely resolved by that institute of medical science .

Australian institute of hair restoration is very effective for your hair restoration and hair transplantation .I think Dr . Andrew is the best doctor in the world which provides you with the complete treatment of your hair .They are very helping to the patients .

For detail information please visit:    

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