Jamie Cope (born September 12, 1985) is an English professional snooker player from Stoke on Trent. Jamie has an impressive record as a junior, but dropped off the Main Tour after 2 largely unsuccessful seasons. However, he finished top in the Challenge Tour for emerging players in the 2004/05 season, winning two of its four tournaments. This enabled him to return to the Main Tour. His stated intention pre-season was to finish the year in the top 48, a tough target which he came close to meeting.

He has adjusted well to a higher level of play, reaching the last 16 of the season-opening Grand Prix tournament. Later in the 2005/06 season he reached the same stage of the Welsh Open and China Open. During the season he took wins over Joe Perry, Steve Davis, John Parrott and Alan McManus.

Cope is nicknamed "Shotgun" thanks to his speed around the table.

He has reputedly made a break of 155, the maximum possible, by taking advantage of a free ball - albeit in a practice match. He also made a 151 in 2003, again in practice but making him the only teenager to achieve a break over 147.


Tournament Wins



  • World Number 1: Never
  • Highest Ranking: 48 (2006)


  • Century Breaks:
  • Highest Break: 147


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Jamie Cope

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Professional Career: 2005-

Date of Birth: 12/09/1985

Place of Birth: Stoke

Nationality: Template:Team England

Nickname: Shotgun

Current World Ranking: 48

World Ranking Event Titles: 0

Other Titles: 0

Rivals: None

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