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Fan appreciation night. What a great concept. It’s a day set aside for athletes to thank the fans who support them day and night, who take money from their working man wallets and give it to these athletes so that the said athletes can make millions of dollars off of their hard earned high school degrees.

However, Allen Iverson and Chris Webber decided not to show up on Fan Appreciation night last night in Philadelphia. That’s right. The two stars of the team - and the two highest paid players on the team - who most fans paid a large percentage of their weekly earnings to see decided to basically tells those fans, “Screw off.”

Iverson and Webber were both injured and not scheduled to play, but that does not excuse them from not showing up and sitting on the bench as a sign of unity for the team, and respect for the fans. It was a disgrace and an embarrassment and both players should be fined substantially for the incident.

To their credit, Sixers team president Billy King and coach Maurice Cheeks took time to publicly scold the players. Hopefully, they will do more this and sanction the two spoiled brats.

As for AI, was this possibly an attempt to make it easier for the team to deal him in the offseason? Stay tuned….

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Wed 04/19/06, 7:22 am EST



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