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Italian premier Berlusconi recently walks without canada goose montebello parka rest the mildew to transport, the home creakies the economy made him to deal with difficulty, but did not have the conclusion “the child prostitute document” recently to let him mount in 2011 the United States State Department "Traffic in persons Report". The Italian Opposition faction is very angry, canada goose snow mantra called this event is after the series sex scandal Berlusconi takes to Italy's another shame. According to Britain Daily Telegraph the website on October 30 reported that this report described the Lao Bei revelry sends to the detail in detail, and pointed out that in participates in sends to 33 females, has the card Li Ma ·ai ·ma Rogge's minor. “Italian premier Berlusconi is a suspect canada goose jacket to a Moroccan underage female to carry on the commercial chemical property exploitation, in February, 2011, judge had determined tries this document the date. The media quotation's third party evidence demonstrated that this female is the victim who the population trades,” this report said that “because drafts the period in this report, Italian premier just is a suspect to impel the minor to be a prostitute accepts the related investigation.” Lao Bei (Leoluca Orlando) said in parliament political opponent Laiao Lucar · Orlando: “as a result of the child prostitute document, the world had known Italian premier Berlusconi's obscene, he appears now in this traffic in persons report ......Such Italy in the international society will paste on `indecent ' the label, because he will be this national only premier, therefore other Italians possibly are taken for with Lao Bei are the birds of a feather.” The Italian Court announces before the document demonstrated that after in 2010 valentine day, the age only had 17 year-old Moroccan belly dance hall hostess horse Rogge (nickname “to steal heart Lu compared to”) once to participate in the Lao Bei revelry to send rightly, and has had the sexual relationship with this flowered master, but this view encountered two litigant's denials. This “the child prostitute document” still in trying, the estimate next month continued the hearing at present in Milan. Once Berlusconi is sentenced guilty, highest will possibly face 12 year disaster of imprisonment, the political career will end naturally also.

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