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Is the NFL really the "No Fun League"? The NFL has recently decided to cut down on endzone celebrations, including no props and getting on the ground. So, does this really make the league no fun?

The one thing I have always enjoyed about the NFL is the ability of the players to do whatever the hell they wanted to in the endzone; something that is not allowed in College. I’m sure many fans have enjoyed watching players such as Steve Smith, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson shake their tail feathers in the endzone, so why take it away? It be like taking away the school’s band out of the college game. The celebrations are what get a lot of fans excited and at the games.

I’m interested to see what these guys come up with now. I mean, would you like it better if Chad Johnson scored an important touchdown at the end of the game and just walked back to the bench like nothin happened? Hell no, I would want to see him be as excited as the fans were, instead of acting like a robot with no feelings. C’mon NFL, you’ve got more important things to worry about than this.

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Thu 04/13/06, 4:44 pm EST

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