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Is Dusty Baker going to get Canned?

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by user Ben

With Sunday's 9-0 loss to the San Diego Padres, The Chicago Cubs have now lost 15 out of their last 18 games. The offense looks dead and the question I have is "When's Dusty Baker getting fired?" I read that after yesterday's loss, he sounded like a defeated man. Maybe it's not all Dusty's fault. Mark Prior and Kerry Wood have the durability of a tissue in a thunderstorm and Derrek Lee has been hurt. Despite this though, the Cubs' offense has been nearly invisible and at what point does this come back to Dusty? There have been plenty who've said that Dusty overworks his pitchers and that's part of the problem with Wood and Prior...I think there's something to that, but the Cubs look terrible. With a line-up that has Todd Walker, Juan Pierre, and Aramis Ramirez, the Cubbies aren't getting much out of them. If things keep going the way they are and the Cubs look dead, I'm giving Dusty 2 to 3 weeks.


Mon 05/15/06, 11:33 am EST

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