by user Coreyisarealboy

After the whoopin' the Detroit Pistons put on the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 5 last night, I figured there wouldn't be much to say. Alas, I came up with a few things. Here they are:

  • The Bucks will never have a dominant center in Andrew Bogut. Bogut has the ability to become an efficient second big man, much like the role he played this year alongside Jamaal Magloire. You could see, however, every time he got pushed around by Rasheed Wallace that he doesn't have the attitude yet to be dominant and probably never will. I can't imagine the Bucks keeping Magloire around for much longer, so it will be interesting to see whether they trade him to get a first round draft pick so they can get a Tyrus Thomas or, you know, anybody willing to play some defense.
  • The Bucks were the biggest disappointment of 2005-06--one that wasn't expected, much unlike anything concerning Ron Artest or the Knicks. After jumping out of the gate at the beginning of the season with several impressive come-from-behind victories, they began to settle toward mediocrity, barely making the playoffs as all great expectations plummeted quicker than Barry Bonds' sperm count.
  • Despite their success as a team, every starter on the Pistons could be considered underrated. If you disagree with that assessment, please tell me with a straight face that any other team in the NBA wouldn't take any one of these five guys in a heartbeat. OK, maybe the Lakers because that would jeopardize the whole "Kobe's Team" thing. This thought led me to the next one...
  • Flip Saunders may have the easiest job of any coach in professional sports, with the exception of hockey, mostly because I can't figure out for the life of me what the in-game job of a hockey coach entails, other than line changes. Then again, I think hockey is about as monotonous as a Coldplay album.
  • Terry Stotts is useless in a much different way. I didn't think Terry Porter was doing that horrible of a job with what he had, and Stotts didn't do much better with the additions of Bogut, Magloire, and Bobby Simmons.
  • The Pistons will win the championship.


Thu 05/04/06, 7:18 am EST

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