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So today is my 30th birthday. While I was wallowing in self-pity it occurred to me that as long as I am a sports fan I will always be young. Now, my wife does not understand this at all. She is not much of a sports "fan" although all told she is a much better athlete than I am. She will never understand the joy of getting Paul Konerko and his 40 HRs in the 10th round. She will never understand the elation of the idiot in your league (last year it was me) who dropped Chase Utley at the beginning of the season when it looked like he was stuck in a platoon. So, with that introduction here are the 10 things that despite my age ensure that my maturity will never rise above high school level.

10) I sneak out of brunch to check the latest posts on the New York Jets message board
9) I shrieked like a child when she bought me an authentic #23 Scott Gomez Jersey
8) I keep finding new and exciting ways to build my next Madden franchise. My last one was finding the top rated player at each position from the 2000 draft.
7) I went to a college hockey game and heckled (and screamed) at the ref so much that I couldn't talk the next day
6) We fight everytime we play Scrabble
5) I once pretended to be sick so as to avoid dinner with my wife's folks because I had a fantasy draft that night.
4) we have a deal that when she watches a reality show on MTV I get to spend that time on any sports message board I want (lately its been armchairgm!)
3) I watch the entire NFL draft
2) I sacrifice billable hours to work out a trade in my fantasy basketball league. I hate basketball, never watch it, yet refused to trade Ben Wallace unless I got fair value in return. I was in last place 40 points behind the leader.
1) My bedroom wall is full of posters of the 1995 Stanley cup winning New Jersey Devils, pictures of Pete Rose and Wayne Gretzky, and a newspaper clipping showing the one save I made in the only varsity soccer game I played in all throughout high school.


Thu 03/23/06, 10:25 am EST

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