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Happy Birthday Ryan Leaf!

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by user Thefoulpole


Ryan Leaf, Washington State Cougars. Ryan Leaf, San Diego Chargers. Ryan Leaf, Seattle Seahawks. Ryan Leaf, Dallas Cowboys. Ryan Leaf, West Texas A&M. We knew he would end up with a team of his caliber.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Quarterbacks Coach of the West Texas A&M Buffalo. You bounced around the NFL more than a video game of Pong, and ended up back where you had your most successful years, college.

We must admit, Leafy, we miss your outrage, we miss your outbursts, and most importantly, we miss your relationship with Nicole, a Charger cheerleader whom you divorced.

Oh yea, and Leafy, you took a class in Media Relations in college. What grade did you get?


Sun 05/14/06, 10:00 pm EST

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