by user JJW

It is a 12 team head to head points league where SP are not valuable.

Martinez, Victor J. C CLE
Johnson, Nick 1B WAS
Utley, Chase 2B PHI
Cabrera, Miguel M. LF FLA
Peralta, Jhonny SS CLE
Loretta, Mark 2B BOS
Feliz, Pedro 3B SF
Crisp, Coco CF BOS
Green, Shawn RF ARI
Swisher, Nick RF OAK
Gonzalez, Luis E. LF ARI
Hafner, Travis DH CLE
Mench, Kevin LF TEX

Active Pitchers
Cain, Matt SP SF
Lowry, Noah SP SF
Perez, Odalis SP LA
Santana, Ervin SP ANA
Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC
Benitez, Armando RP SF
Ryan, B.J. RP TOR
Shields, Scot RP ANA
Turnbow, Derrick RP MIL
Valverde, Jose RP ARI

Reserve Batters
Niekro, Lance 1B SF
Barfield, Josh 2B SD
Hardy, J.J. SS MIL

Reserve Pitchers
Perez, Oliver SP PIT
Thomson, John SP ATL
Ray, Chris RP BAL


Mon 03/27/06, 4:03 am EST

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