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It’s about the time the NBA stepped in to stop the madness.

This season numerous NBA players have started to wear long johns, um, I mean spandex during games. The list of players that have taken to wearing spandex during games includes, Ray Allen, Andrew Bogut, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Michael Redd and Dwyane Wade.

Most of the players claim that dressing up like women help prevent them from getting injured but I’m not buying it.

"It's something to keep you warm,” Joe Smith told the Associated Press. “It keeps my knee from swelling up, keeps some tightness around it so it won't blow up on me when I'm out there. It's meant a lot to me."

Jerry Stackhouse weighed in on this issue when he told ESPN that, “I've had a couple groin injuries and they help me get comfortable. I wear thigh sleeves, too, and the tights also help keep them from sliding down my legs. They just hold everything together.”

Come on Stack, be a man and use a cup to hold everything together like every other man who plays sports. There’s no need to prance around the court in stockings.

I feel the idea of grown men wearing spandex is brutal and there’s excuse for this nonsense. Luckily the NBA has taken notice of this problem and they are working on a solution to stop this problem. According to Darren Rovell and Marc Stein over at ESPN, “Although NBA officials are not publicly commenting on the issue, sources say that the league simply does not like the look of players wearing visible hose. It's believed that the league office, which already has regulations in place to curtail short lengths, can unilaterally outlaw tights by simply amending its uniform code before the 2006-07 season.”

I think the idea of the NBA banning spandex is great news for NBA fans. What basketball fan wants to see their favourite players running around in “hose” anyway?

With the spandex problem about to be solved as soon as the Bulls get rid of their Matadors all will be right in the basketball universe again.


Fri 03/31/06, 4:45 am EST

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