After being dogged by members of the Toronto media and Raptors fans Gerald Green stepped up big time tonight as he ripped the hearts out of Raptors fans. The Raptors pulled to within two points with less than 10 seconds left in the game and they tried to use their full court press. The Celtics were able to beat the press by finding Green under the hoop for a windmill dunk just before the game expired. Green exploded with a fury of emotion after getting ripped in the media and popped his jersey for the Toronto fans as he got mobbed by his teammates.

The last time Toronto played Boston Green threw down a nasty dunk during “garbage time” that numerous members of the media in Toronto got riled up about. Chuck Swirsky started things off by complaining on the air while Doug Smith of the Toronto Star continued to fan the flames with a column when he, “the unwritten rule in the NBA is that when the game’s no longer in doubt, showboating is a sign of disrespect. Don’t for a second think that the dunk went unnoticed by a few of the Toronto players, a couple of whom have mentioned some sort of retribution will be in store for the two young Celtics. We’re not talking about a fight or anything, but if Allen or Green get fouled hard and find themselves on the Air Canada Centre floor, don’t be surprised. We’re just wondering which of the Raptors will do it. We only wish Charles Oakley was still playing, or that Alvin Williams was healthy enough to dress because neither of them would put up with that crap.”

It’s this kind of hockey style of commentary that makes Toronto fans look like idiots. Green was just trying to get some air time on ESPN while entertain the hometown fans. Why would you take this moment to shine away from Green? The rookie hasn’t gotten many minutes this year and when he finally gets a chance to get on Sports Center writers decide to dog the guy. Personally, I think this shows a lack of class on our behalf as Raptors fans.

I’m glad that Green was able to exact some “revenge” tonight by helping the Celtics earn a win through yet another highlight dunk.


Wed 04/05/06, 4:35 am EST




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