It's almost impossible to say this these days. Germany are a liability to themselves. They've now finished as shock Round One European Championship participants for two consecutive competitions, most notably the competition after finishing champions in Euro '96. Thirty years of hurt for us English, but a spare eight for the Germans.

And having finished runners-up in the 2002 World Cup, they now host the biggest football tournament on earth.

Germany, having not had to qualify, get the chance to keep fresh legs for their opening group match on June 9th. The Germans have got a very kind opening group, consisting of Costa Rica, Poland and second-time qualifiers Ecuador.

As they should surely qualify from this, the only problem for the next stage is if they come up against the England team in the next stage. Need I remind them of the 5-1 result? We've got it in us to do it again, and with our new coach almost guaranteed, this is the perfect moment to reap that same reward.

Some of Germany's current stars are still some of the greatest stars in the world, including goalkeepers Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann, Robert Huth, Miroslav Klose, and Oliver Neuville.

But with such a poor record in recent European Championships, Germany have only the world stage to prove themselves upon, and if this were ever to be a liability, now would be the time. However, with the German women's team having won the most recent Women's World Cup, it remains just as possible for the men.

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