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In order to cut the financial deficit,canada goose trillium parka French government plans adopts enhances the increment duty and so on many measures, strives for to additionally receive or to reduce to 2012 6,000,000,000 to 8,000,000,000 euros (to be approximately equal to 8,300,000,000 US dollars to 11,100,000,000 US dollars). According to France canada goose expedition "Echo Newspaper" on October 31 reported that in 2012 the French economic growth anticipated is only 1%, the government must tap new resources and reduce expenses completes reduces the red duty, enhances one which of austerity measures the increment duty is possibly adopts. At present, canada goose kensington the French increment duty is in the low level in Europe, its tax revenue occupies GDP (GDP) the proportion to place in the European Union 27 countries 20th. But to avoid weakening the French resident power of consumption, the government plan has selectively enhances the increment duty, if will enjoy 5.5% tax cut tax rate product the increment duty to enhance at present to 7%, involves industry including hotel, restaurant and housing repair and so on. This act will bring 1,000,000,000 euros for the government (to be approximately equal to 1,400,000,000 US dollars) the tax revenue. France Minister Fulangsuowa · Palestinian Lu An indicated that the daily necessity and “will produce the influence product to the frailest community” the increment duty will maintain invariable. In addition, France "Sunday newspaper" reported that surpasses 150,000,000 euros (are approximately equal to 200,000,000 US dollars) the French Enterprise's tax rate to the earning possibly from 33% to enhance to 36%, this will also bring 1,000,000,000 euros income to the government. In the save expenses aspect, French government plans Local authority's year expenditure increased range control in 4%, this will save 4,000,000,000 euros (to be approximately equal to 5,500,000,000 US dollars) to pay wages. In addition, the austerity measures also include cut the government various departmental budget or the reduced public entity allocation. French government in August announced that takes a series of measures to strengthen the contraction and taxation dynamics, the goal is strives for in this year to reduce the financial deficit 1,000,000,000 euros again, in 2012 reduces 11,000,000,000 euros (to be approximately equal to 15,200,000,000 US dollars). The French government stressed that although the economic atmosphere possibly changes, the government economic work's two essential targets are invariable: First, occupies 2013 the financial deficit GDP the proportion to drop to 3% which European Union stipulated that further drops to 2% to 2014; Second, in does not affect the economic growth in the situation to cut the financial deficit. It is reported that the French government will conclude after 20 country group Cannes summit will announce the new contraction plan.

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