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This project is seeking to expand historical information of Formula One, ranging from the F1 Calendar, World Champions, Teams, etc.

Please select the relevant season:

F1-1950 F1-1951 F1-1952 F1-1953 F1-1954 F1-1955 F1-1956 F1-1957 F1-1958 F1-1959
F1-1960 F1-1961 F1-1962 F1-1963 F1-1964 F1-1965 F1-1966 F1-1967 F1-1968 F1-1969
F1-1970 F1-1971 F1-1972 F1-1973 F1-1974 F1-1975 F1-1976 F1-1977 F1-1978 F1-1979
F1-1980 F1-1981 F1-1982 F1-1983 F1-1984 F1-1985 F1-1986 F1-1987 F1-1988 F1-1989
F1-1990 F1-1991 F1-1992 F1-1993 F1-1994 F1-1995 F1-1996 F1-1997 F1-1998 F1-1999
F1-2000 F1-2001 F1-2002 F1-2003 F1-2004 F1-2005 F1-2006

All the information required now is the yearly winners and race reports. Here are the sources needed: -

  • Wikipedia - race reports possible, but race results are included. Driver profiles should be used from here.
  • - Repors for all races (reword please!)

Please maintain the examples of either F1-1950 or F1-2006.

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