What's gotten into Texas Rangers OF Kevin Mench lately? Over the first 10 games, Mench had 0 RBIs. Since then, Mench has driven in 12 RBIs. Why? Well, Mench was wearing shoes too small for him.

The OF already missed five games because of sprain in the second toe of his right foot. To get Mench up and running, he received two cortison injections. After visiting a podatrist, Mench was told that his "shoes are a half size too small." Mench should have been wearing size 12 1/2 instead of 12.

"Man, I'd been wearing 12s since I was 15 years old," Mench said. "That's the last time I had my feet measured -- you know, when I went to the shoe store with my parents. "I guess feet can grow after that."

Armed with his new shoes, Mench hopes to extend this good stretch.


Mon 04/24/06, 1:13 pm EST



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